The staff at Connections Day School believe that all of our students deserve a fresh start and an opportunity to learn and be successful.

Through the development of safe, supportive and nurturing relationships, our staff enable students to make academic, emotional and behavioral progress and learn the critical life and social skills necessary to find success in their lives.

While a primary goal is to help our students develop a clear sense of belonging, mastery, generosity and independence (the Circle of Courage); another goal is to boost each student’s insight into, and understanding of, their own thoughts, feelings and behavior:

** how their thoughts, feelings and behavior affects their interpersonal relationships; and can support, or sabotage, their daily functioning and ability to meet their goals;


**  how they can better manage their thoughts, feelings and behavior in order to get their needs met, achieve their goals and maintain healthy relationships.

All struggles or setbacks that may arise during this process are seen as powerful opportunities for growth and learning. 

Our staff utilizes a cognitive/behavioral, problem-solving approach to help students identify their challenges, and practice more appropriate and healthy modes of thinking, expressing themselves and behaving.  CDS students are strongly encouraged to focus on the positive efforts they can make towards their short and long-term goals.

Ultimately, students will get out of CDS, what they put into CDS - those who choose to engage in the program, are respectful of themselves and others, exhibit a positive attitude, and are willing to partner with CDS staff in their process of learning and growing, tend to experience the most success.

There are no secrets to success. Success is the result of hard work, determination, persistence and learning from failure.

- General Colin Powell